• Camper: how do people not like me? (To her counselor) blanca, how do you have a boyfriend? You have a terrible personality.
  • Blanca: it's true. I do. We have the same personality.

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"I fucked up, guys. I fucked up."

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At the bar, not drinking, while my friends explore the complexity of life and i just nod along and say yeah, totally.

Lyndsay comes to sit beside me.

  • Me: i was just about to add you on facebook.
  • L: do it!
  • *hive fives*
  • Later that night.
  • L: is your name ellen!?!?
  • M: *nods in the affirmative*
  • L: awesome. Look at all the cool things we are learning about each other. Like our names.

Also, meet B-Dash. He’s a creep. I enjoy him thoroughly.

Purple hair for the win, yeah.




what do u even do with ur hands during sex



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It’s my time of the Moth I am spilling forth with moths I am turning into moths I am a flurry of moths departing for the moon

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I’m gonna read my weird fucking book about aliens. Can’t wait to finish it so i can find something else to read to avoid finishing atlas shrugged.




Emmanuel Hudson distributing life


This ruined me.

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It’s so wack when you look Saturday good on a Wednesday night

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Is it strange to be friends with the boy you like’s dad on facebook if you weren’t that into him when his dad added you and he told you it was cool to be his friend but also he lives in denmark? Also the boy i like is from denmark mostly.

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